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Learn 2 Dance
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Online Specials

We have compiled some special packages for you to make it affordable.

Regular price for 1 private lesson is $85. As a service there are no black out date or time. There is no expiration date either. Each lesson is 45 minutes long. One lesson is for either 1, 2 - up to 4 people, not one lesson per person, so relax...

Web Specials:

You have seen it on TV, heard of it and now you are curious or decided... congratulations, you have taken the first step, well almost - you still have to step onto the dance floor. Whatever dance intrigues you we will help you: swing, salsa, tango, jive quickstep, argentine tango, mambo etc... you will love it. Dancing brings physical, mental and social benefits to all.

You wonder how many lessons you will need - this is a normal question. One will give you the basic step in 2 to 3 dances, no kidding!. If you want to look great and be able to dance socially you might need about 5 to 10 lessons depending how many dances you want to be able to dance. Of course your commitment and dedication will sway the number of lessons you need. No there is no such thing as two left feet, at the contrary these people are the best learners.

You might also be interested in becoming a competitor and that is fine too, everybody can do it. Any age, level and style... ask us. We train amateurs and do Pro-Am (a Professional dancing with an Amateur in competition) all the time - Give us 6 months and you will be dancing in your first competition. We guaranty it.

What to expect from us:
Your instructor/coach will work one on one with you to guarantee the best learning experience possible. Any lesson you are taking is yours and you can manage it any way you want: you can use it for the pleasure of learning and keeping yourself mentally sharp or for exercise, for social purposes like going to a party or simply to learn any dance that you fancy. Two left feet, First time dancers or advanced Dancers, we work with everyone to create memories that last a lifetime.

So shall we dance?

Quick Tips (FAQs):

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  • Some Awards:


    Learn them all...


    Standard Dancing
    Standard Dancing:

    Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot Viennese, Quickstep...

    Latin Dancing
    Latin Dancing:

    Chacha, Samba, Rumba, Paso, Jive...

    Club Dancing
    Club Dancing:

    Merengue, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Country,...

    Smooth Dancing,
    Smooth and Rhytm,...

    swing, Peabody, Mambo, Bolero...

    This man suffer from a common disorder...
    He does not know how to dance...

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